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JAVA Set and Hashset


  • • Set is a child interface of Collection.
  • • When we want to represent a group of individual data items as a single entity where duplicates are not allowed and insertion order is not preserved, then we should go to the collection Set.
  • • Set interface does not contain any new method, so we have to use only Collection interface methods.


  • • It is an implementation class of Set interface.
  • • Underlying data structure is HashTable.
  • • Duplicates are not allowed. If we are trying to insert duplicates, we will not get any compile-time error or run time error. Simply the add() method returns a boolean value that is false.
  • • Insertion order is not preserved and all data items will be inserted based on hash code of data items.
  • • Heterogeneous data items are allowed.
  • • Null insertion is possible.
  • • Implements Serializable and Clonable interface.
  • • Not implements RandomAccess interface.
  • • If our frequent operation is the searching operation, then HashSet is the best choice as Collection with the help of hash code of data items.


    HashSet h=new HashSet();

  • • Creates an empty HashSet with default initial capacity 16 and the fill ratio / load factor is 0.75(75%).
  • HashSet h=new HashSet(int initial capacity);

  • • Create an empty HashSet by taking given initial capacity. Here load factor is also 0.75.
  • HashSet h=new HashSet(int initial capacity, float load factor);

  • • Create an empty HashSet by taking given initial capacity and given load factor.
  • HashSet h=new HashSet(Collection c);

  • • By taking any Collection object, we can create an equivalent HashSet object. Let's see a simple demo program on HashSet.
import java.util.*;
class HashSetDemo
	public static void main(String[] args)
		HashSet h=new HashSet();



		Iterator it=h.iterator();




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