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Java Ternary Operators

  • • The operator taking three operands is called ternary operator.
  • • It is also called as conditional operator.
  • • It is represented as exp1? exp2 : exp3;
  • • The mechanism is first the exp1 is evaluated. If the exp1 is true then exp2 will be the output, otherwise exp3 will be the output. Let’s see a program for better understanding.
class ConditionalDemo
	public static void main(String[] args)
		int value1 = 1;
		int value2 = 2;
		int result;
		result=(value1>value2) ? value1 : value2 ;



Here in above program the expression (value1>value2) is false, so In this example, result will be assigned the value of value2 that is 2. This can be achieved using the if…….else statement as follows :


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