Create a JSP Application in Eclipse

To develop and execute a simple JSP application with Apache Tomcat Server, follow the following steps:

  • 1. Create a Dynamic Web Project
  • 2. Create a JSP file
  • 3. Run with Apache Tomcat Server

Create a Dynamic Web Project

For creating a dynamic web project, open Eclipse IDE then click on File Menu -> New -> Dynamic Web Project -> write your project name e.g. JspProjects ->next->next->put a tick mark to generate web.xml file then click on Finish button.


Now the project structure is:

Create the JSP file

For creating a JSP file, in the project structure there is a folder named as webapp just right click on webapp -> New ->JSP File-> write your JSP file name e.g. index-> then click on Finish button.
After creating index.jsp file we will write the code, like:

Run with Apache Tomcat Server

Then start the server and run the project (right click on project-> Run as-> Run on Server): Now we will get the following output:


Note: Before to develop JSP application, first you must configure Apache Tomact server in Eclipse IDE.

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